Poster Board Number Abstract No Title Authors
Advances In Food Safety
P001 144 Development of an LC-GCxGC-TOFMS/FID Workflow to Determine the Presence of MOSH/MOAH and POSH/PAO Contaminants in Food Products Alexander Whaley, Christina Kannigadu, Sebastiano Panto
P002 85 Formulation of Cold-pressed Complementary Infant Foods for Food Safety Enhancement Basirat Arinola Olaonipekun, Elna Maria Buys
P003 148 The Effect of Thymus vulgaris on the Conidia Structures of Phyllosticta citricarpa, the Causative Agent of Citrus Black Spot Bheki Thapelo Magunga, N J Malebo
P004 62 Evaluation of Meat Safety Practices and Hygiene Among Different Butcheries and Supermarkets in Vhembe District, Limpopo Province, South Africa Bridget Siluma
P005 135 Is Your Salad Safe? Antibiotic Resistance of Foodborne Pathogens Detected on Commercial Ready-to-Eat Leafy Greens Denise Coetzee, Diane Rip, Pieter A Gouws
P006 47 Effect of Moringa oleifera Leaf Flour on the Oxalate Content and Colour of Cocoyam: A Response Surface Approach Joy Mba, Helen Agu, Charles Ishiwu, Chukwunonso Okoye
P007 98 Application Of Meta-Analysis to Predict Salmonella Contamination in A Broiler Chickens Abattoir Josphat Gichure, Ranil Coorey, Patrick Njage, Gary Dykes, Joseph Wambui, Elna Buys
P008 82 Assessing Operational Requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPS) In the National School Nutrition Programme in South Africa Jugen M Manyatsa, Ryk Lues
P009 149 Genetic Diversity of Listeria Monocytogenes from The Fish Industry in The Western Cape, South Africa Using Whole Genome Sequencing Karlene Lambrechts, Pieter Gouws, Diane Rip
P010 197 Microbial Quality of Broiler Chicken Carcasses Sourced from Gauteng Smallholder Farmers Magdeline Magoro, Jane Boikhutso, Ennet Moholisa, Kealeboga Mosimanyana, Itumeleng Matle, Thabiso Nxumalo, Mmatau Motau, Eric Mathebula, Mammikele Tsatsimpe
P011 17 Biofilms – Development, Challenges and Control in The Food Processing Environment Malesela Mthenjane, Lulanie Swanepoel
P012 152 Investigating The Presence of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (ARB) In Ultraviolet (UV)-Treated River Water Used for Fresh Produce Irrigation Margot E Küster, Corani Jankowitz, Corné Lamprecht, Diane Rip, Gunnar O Sigge
P013 198 The Prevalence of Foodborne Pathogens in Retail Delicatessens from South Africa Nicole Meyer, Maricel Krügel, Pieter Gouws
P014 173 Effect Of Pichia Kudriavzevii as An Adjunct Starter Culture on Protein-Related Functional Properties of Fermented Sorghum Porridge (Ting) Jennifer Selasie King, Nwabisa Ngwekazi Mehlomakulu, Mohammad Naushad Emmabux
P015 97 Food Safety Awareness at Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC) In Soweto, Gauteng Province Papiso Tshabalala
P016 117 Detection Of Salmonella Throughout a South African Poultry Slaughtering Facility Tarien Riekert, Diane Rip, Pieter Gouws
P017 138 Molecular Characterization and Antibiotic Resistance Profiling of Campylobacter Species Isolated from Chicken in Gauteng Abattoirs Thabiso Nxumalo
P018 188 Determinants Of Stress Resistance in Local Foodborne Listeria Monocytogenes Strains as Revealed by Functional and Comparative Genomics Thulani Sibanda, Elna M Buys
P019 183 Functional Properties of Yeasts Isolated from Sorghum Motoho Ursula Kana, Eugenie Kayitesi, Nwabisa Mehlomakulu
P020 18 Comparison Of Selective Media Overlays for The Enumeration of Heat-Injured Enterococcus Faecium from Nuts Wendy Katiyo, Lulanie Swanepoel
P021 137 Dairy Farmers’ Knowledge of Zoonotic Milk-Borne Pathogens in The Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Yanga Diniso, Ishmael Jaja
Poster Board Number Abstract No Title Authors
Food, Nutrition, Diet and Health
P022 115 Optimization Of Protein Extraction Conditions and Its Impact on The Optimum Complexation Ph of Bambara Protein-Gum Arabic Complexes Abiola Adenike Ojesanmi, Oscar Eric Amonsou
P023 189 Nutritional Status and Dietary Diversity of Women in The Workforce – A Preliminary Assessment of Farmworkers Adeline Pretorius
P024 195 Assessing The Physical Traits, Cooking Quality and Nutritional Diversity of Bambara Groundnut (Vigna Subterranean L. Verdc) Genotypes Amanda Ruzive, Laurencia Govender, Admire Shayanowako, Tafadzwa Mabhaudhi
P025 9 Characterisation, Health-Promoting Properties and Food Applications of Anthocyanin-Rich Pigments of Flowers from The Geraniaceae and Lamiaceae Plant Families Anton Venter, Gyebi Duodu, Gary Stafford, Hennie Fisher
P026 133 Metabolomics Of Amasi Traditionally Produced from Cow and Goat Milk as Revealed by GCMS And LCMS; The Impact of Storage Time, Lactic Acid Bacteria, And Health Benefits Betty Ajibade, Titilayo Ajayeoba, Saheed Sabiu, Konstantin Moiseenko, Tatyana Fedorova, Oluwatosin Ijabadeniyi
P027 16 Preference Of Phaseolus Vulgaris (Sugar Beans) Provided at Government Primary Schools: The Case of Lesedi Primary School Neo Medupe, Kesebonye Natale, Boineelo Pearl Lefadola, Matsapa Phegelo
P028 87 Influence Of Temperature and Concentration on The Rheological Properties of Edible Hydrocolloids / Gums Brandon Van Rooyen, Maryna De Wit, Johan Van Niekerk, Vuyelwa Nkoi, Khezwo Nematshema
P029 230 Modelling The Influence of Extraction Temperature on The Ellagitannin and Antioxidant Profiles Of “Wonderful” Pomegranate Peel Using Advanced Chemometrics Analysis Chika Chukwuma, Reaotshepa Setlhodi, Boitumelo Mashile, Sefater Gbashi, Samson Mashele, Susanna Bonnet
P030 179 Feeding Practices and Anthropometry of Mothers and Their Infants Residing In 2 Provinces of South Africa Choene Rodrey Mafodi, Marinel Hoffman, Tanita Botha, Ute Feucht
P031 190 Preliminary Assessment of The Microbiological Quality of Meat and Its Products Sold in Bloemfontein, South Africa Christy Manyi-Loh, Hilda Nyathi, Olga De Smidt, Ryk Lues
P032 70 Viability Of Bifidobacterium Species in Probiotic Yoghurt as Influenced by Reducing Agents Chrizelda Visser
P033 77 Development Of Fish Powder from Chrysichthysic Nigrodigitatus in Instant Fish Soup Mix Folashade Ayodele, Abimbola Akindele
P034 124 The Truth Behind Micronutrients and Using Them for Enrichment Gabrielle Stevens, Roxanne Gieske
P035 114 The Cooking Competence of Young Adult Couples, Residing in Tshwane, South Africa: A Qualitative Study Louélle Ryan, Gerrie Du Rand, Annemarie Viljoen
P036 236 A Profile of Flavourings in Commercial Complementary Foods for Infants and Young Children in South Africa Wilana Barnard, Lisanne Du Plessis, Gunnar Sigge
P037 159 Functional Food Crackers from Cactus Pears: Physico-Chemical and Sensory Properties Ingah Tom, Carina Bothma, Alba Du Toit, Maryna De Wit
P038 32 Nano-Phytosomal Formulation of Cyclopia Subternata (Honeybush) Extract Improves the Stability of Polyphenols in A Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Model Beverage During Thermal Preservation Jade Tobin, Chantelle Human, Dalene De Beer, Elizabeth Joubert
P039 172 Extrusion Cooking Coupled with Food-To-Food Fortification with Baobab and Moringa Could Be a Solution to Low Iron Bioavailability in Sorghum-Based Foods John Lubaale, Gyebi Duodu, John R N Taylor, Naushad M Emmambux
P040 105 Development And Characterisation of Gluten-Free Magwinya Using Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor) Flour Kundai Thelma Murungweni, Dr Oluwatoyin Onipe, Professor Afam Jideani
P041 118 Microbiological Monitoring From 2017 – 2020 In Saldanha Bay Shellfish Farms: An Assessment of Escherichia Coli Prevalence in Mussels and Oysters Likentso Shuping, Izanne Human, Ryk Lues, Arnelia Paulse
P042 219 The Effect of Food-To-Food Fortification with Baobab Fruit Pulp on Iron Bioaccessibility of Conventionally Cooked Maize Porridges Lucia Chemane, Naushad Emmambux, Gyebi Duodu
P043 182 Maturation And Quality Properties of Fresh Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) Juice Makaepea Mossa Maoto, Afam I O Jideani
P044 201 Chemical Assessment of Geophagic Botshabelo Soils and Possible Micronutrient Supplementation Manneheng Raphuthing, Lebogang Mogongoa
P045 113 The Amylolytic Properties of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria (ALAB) And Their Application in The Development of a Sorghum Based, High Energy Foods Suitable for Young Children Mathoto Thaoge-Zwane, Seth Rapoo
P046 110 Process Optimisation for Enzymatic Clarification of Indigenous Wild Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) Juice Maureen Mamabolo, Frederick Tabit, Yvonne Maila, Samuel Mphosi
P047 164 Physicochemical And Functional Properties of Dry Bean, Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato, Cassava, And Fermented Maize Composite Flours and Porridges Monicah Marika, Eugénie Kayitesi, Nwabisa Mehlomakulu, Riette de Kock
P048 132 Fortification Of Magwinya with Chicken Eggs for Quality and Nutritional Improvement Mudau Ndamulelo, Onipe Oluwatoyin, Jideani Afam
P049 131 Assessing Food Safety Culture at A Prominent South African Agro-Processor for Rinse-Before-Use (RBU) And Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Produce Namhla Skweyiya
P050 58 Consumers’ Knowledge, Perception, And Utilisation of Fortified Food Products in The Rural Households of Ngcobo, Eastern Cape Province Nomahlubi Xamlashe
P051 151 Detection Of Staphylococcus Species from Subclinical Mastitis Cattle Milk Using MALDI-TOF MS, PCR And Sequencing Ntelekwane George Khasapane, Koos Myburgh, Zamantungwa Khumalo, Sebolelo Jane Nkhebenyane, Oriel Thekisoe, T Ramatla
P052 21 Novel High Protein Oilseed Hydrocolloids for Stabilising Food Systems Olakunbi Olubi, Anthony Obilana, Veruscha Fester, Victoria Jideani
P053 14 Finger Millet Seed Coat-A Functional Nutrient-Rich Cereal By-Product Oluwatoyin O Onipe, Shonisani E Ramashia
P054 103 Comparison Of Nutritional Characteristics of Non- and Nixtamalized Maize Flour Onele Suzan Mpemba, Alba Du Toit
P055 7 Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes of Street food Vendors Within the Mangaung Metromunicipality, Free State, South Africa Ponts’o Letuka, Jane Nkhebenyane
P056 109 Comparison Of the Qualitative and Sensory Characteristics of Fresh and Dried Fruit of a Promising Pineapple Selection Compared with CVS ‘Queen’ And ‘Cayenne’ Rebogile Mphahlele, Tshimangandzo Malindi, Musa Mbatha, Lerato Lekhuleni, Lerato Malesa, Minenhle Ntshangase
P057 211 Perception Of Older Adults About Mala Mogodu Preparation and Consumption: A Case of Louis Trichardt, South Africa Vimbai Chakwizira, Hennie Fisher, Riette de Kock
P058 27 Effect Of Prickly Pear Seed Flour and Cladodes on Bread Quality Rinae Ndou, Tsietsie Ephraim Kgatla
P059 174 Nutritional And Functional Properties of Infrared and Microwave Heat Moisture-Treated Sorghum Meals Rose Otema Baah, Kwaku Gyebi Duodu, John Rn Taylor, Mohammad Naushad Emmambux
P060 104 Effect Of the Nutritional Value Of ‘Bophelo’ Sweet Potato (Ipomoea Batatas L) Cultivar Under Various Processing Techniques Samuel Mphosi, Yvonne Maila
P061 127 Novel Mushroom Tyrosinase Inhibitor: Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extracts Victoria A Jideani, Ahmed Abdelfattah Hussein Mohammed, Sihle Biyongo
P062 166 Consumption Patterns of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Household Sugar Among Adults Living in Southgate Phoenix Sindisiwe Nene
P063 134 Effect Of Soaking and Malting on Some Chemical and Antioxidants Properties of Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracana L. Gaertn) Flour Using Response Surface Methodology Sithandwa Masilela, Gbeminiyi Olamiti, Oluwatoyin Onipe, Afam Jideani
P064 170 Effect Of Lactic Acid Fermentation on The Quality and Phytochemical Constituent in Smoothies Made from Sweet Potato Cultivars Leaves Stephen Akinola, Florence Mashitoa, Tinotenda Sholo, Sunnette Laurie, Dharini Sivakumar
P065 13 The Effects of Storage in Vegetable Oil on The Proximate Composition and Microbiological Quality of Hot Smoked South African Black Mussels (Choromytilus meridionalis) Sune Henning, Maretha Opperman, Sinazo Matika
P066 38 Acceptance, Attitudes and Nutritional Content of Novel Nixtamalized Maize Products Developed for The South African Consumer Taylon Colbert, Alba Du Toit, Carina Bothma
P067 205 Physicochemical And Microbiological Changes During Two-Stage Fermentation Production of Umqombothi Thembelani Xolo, Victoria Jideani, Zanephyne Keyser
P068 208 The Shelf Life and Riboflavin Content of Whole-Grain Maize Meal Tilana Marais, John R N Taylor, Henriëtte L de Kock
P069 89 Can Iactiplantibacillus Plantarum Spp from Indigenous African Foods Be Used in Folate Bio-Fortification of Cereal-Dairy-Based Beverages Tinashe Andrew Gona, Nwabisa N Mehlomakulu, Elna M Buys
P070 90 Assessing Probiotic Viability in Mixed Species Yoghurt Using a Novel Propidium Monoazide-Quantitative PCR Method Tlaleo Azael Marole, Thulani Sibanda, Elna Maria Buys
P071 57 Maximising Bifidobacterium Spp Viability in Probiotic Yoghurt Production Through Stress Adaptation Ursula Thomashoff, Thulani Sibanda, Elna M Buys
P072 210 Fermentation Of Pulses Towards the Production of Legume-Based Crackers Wilhelmina Kanime, Werner Embashu, Komeine Nantanga
P073 116 Nutritional Quality and Health Promoting Properties of Tamarillo Fruit from South Africa Witness Qaku, Daniso Beswa, Bhekisisa Dlamini
P074 106 Nutritional Evaluation Ofmomordica Balsamina Leaf Powder Harvested at Different Growth Stages Suzan Choshi, Yvonne Maila, Dharini Sivakumar, Samuel Mphosi
P075 204 Anti-Oxidative Stress Effect of Bambara Groundnut (Vigna Subterranean (L.) Verdc) Pre-Treated Seeds and Products on Wistar Rat Kidney After Lipopolysaccharide-Induction Yvonne Murevanhema, Victoria Jideani, Oluwafemi Oguntibeju
P076 80 The Effect of Meat and Cereal Fillers on The Nutritional Composition and The Textural Properties of Pig Blood Sausages Yvonne Tsiane, Bhekisisa Dlamini, Ennet Moholisa, Itumeleng Matle
P077 140 Consumer Attitudes and Perceptions About Rabbit Meat in The Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Ziyanda Goli
P078 26 Nutrient Composition of Alternative Protein Sources Used in Fish Feed Formulation Ziyanda Phike, Sune Henning, Jessy Van Wyk
P079 145 Effect Of Adding Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder on The Nutritional Propey, Microbial Properties, Physicochemical and Polyphonic Compounds on Sorghum Based Mahewu Zwivhuya Petunia Mafukata, Mpho Edward Mashau
Poster Board Number Abstract No Title Authors
Innovation And Technology
P080 139 Non-Target Characterization of Complex Essential Oil and Fragrance Samples with GCxGC-MS/FID For Reliable Identification and Relative Quantitation in A Single Injection Alexander Whaley, Christina Kannigadu, Joseph Binkley, Elizabeth Humston-Fulmer, Christina Kelly
P081 147 Characterization Of Beverage Products Containing Cannabidiol (CBD) By GC-MS And GCxGC-MS Alexander Whaley, Chistina Kannigadu, Elizabeth Humston-Fulmer, Christina Kelly, David Alonso, Joseph Binkley
P082 66 High Pressure Homogenisation Affects Probiotic Viability in Full Fat Yogurt Anthony Hobden, Thulani Sibanda, Elna Buys
P083 128 The Effect of Salt Reduction and Salt Replacers as Sodium Reduction Strategies on The Chemical, Microbial and Sensory Quality of Biltong, A Traditional South African Intermediate Moisture Meat Product Rita Opperman, Macdonald Cluff, Eileen Roodt, Carina Bothma, Lize Van Wyngaard, Celia Hugo, Arno Hugo
P084 52 Changing The Future of Food with Cell-Cultured Meat Belinda Meiring, Thierry Regnier
P085 119 Pinking Of White Wines Anton P Nel, Francois Van Jaarsveld, Wessel Du Toit
P086 44 EFFECT OF VAHL LEAF (Justicia Secunda) ON THE SENSORY, CHEMICAL AND MICROBIAL PROPERTIES OF ZOBO (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) DRINK Helen Agu, Joy Mba, Paul Nnalue, Afam Jideani
P087 67 Increasing The Viscosity of Opuntia Mucilage Through the Alteration of Its Ionic Environment Jan Andries Viktor, Maryna De Wit, Garry Osthoff, Brandon Van Rooyen
P088 100 Using The UP Sensory Identity Toolkit for Sensory Panel Screening and Selection Josephine Baloyi, Marise Kinnear, Clarissa Van Heerden, Riëtte de Kock
P089 130 Food Technology Work-Integrated Learning: A Qualitative Study from An Educational and Food Industry Perspective Minenhle Khoza
P090 176 Assessment Of Grape Pomace Polyphenols Nangamso Maneli, Francois October, Karen Freitag, Valmary Van Breda, Francois Van Jaarsveld
P091 193 Targeted Sourdough Bioprocessing in Improving the Functional Properties of Cereal-Based Products Ndegwa Maina, Mikko Immonen, Prabin Koirala, Rossana Coda, Kati Katina
P092 10 Flow And Sensory Properties of Solid-Dispersed Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Effervescent Beverage Granules Nontsikelelo Noxolo Tafu, Victoria A Jideani
P093 167 Influence Of Heat-Treatment of Bambara Groundnut Seeds Using Infrared, Microwave, And Combined Heat Treatment on The Beany Flavour of Flours and Porridge Peter Mukwevho, Christi Kruger, Riette de Kock, Naushad Emmambux
P094 41 Heat Treating Whole Maize Kernels Prior To Milling to Extend the Shelf Life of Whole Meal Clarissa Van Heerden, John Taylor, Riette de Kock
P095 102 The Effect of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae/Bayanus Hybrid Yeast Strains on The Aroma of Chenin Blanc Final Wines Produced from Frozen Grapes Cassandra Petersen, Valmary Van Breda, Francois Van Jaarsveld, Rodney Hart
P096 247 Revealing The Novel Biochemical and Physicochemical Transformations for Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracana) During Malting and Lactic Acid Fermentation Priyadarshini Pratikshya Nayak, Selvakumar Elangovan, Sandeep Kumar Panda
P097 15 Nutritional, Functional Properties and Microbial Safety of Wheat Flour Biscuits Incorporated with Malted Pearl Millet Flour and Orange Peel Powder Shonisani Ramashia
P098 142 Proximate And Fatty Acid Composition of Hot-Smoked South African Black Mussel (Choromytilus Meridionalis) Sinazo Matika, Sune Henning
P099 94 Functional, Pasting, And Microstructural Properties of Sorghum-Cowpea Gluten- Free Flours Tabea Mokgalakane Mokhele, Oluwatoyin Onipe, Shonisani Eugenia Ramashia, Afam Jideani
P100 11 Village Chickens Are Used in The Informal Market by Vendors as An Underutilized Product for Sustainable Livelihoods in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa Thando Tenza
P101 121 Malted Bambara Groundnut, Novel Food and Beverage Ingredient Adeola Helen Adetokunboh, Anthony O Obilana, Victoria A Jideani
P102 25 Proximate, Physicochemical, and Sensory Properties of Biscuits Formulated with Macrotermes subhyalinus Flour Nthabeleng Vanqa, Vusi Mshayisa, Moses Basitere
P103 23 Effect Of Storage Time and Temperature on The Stability and Rheological Properties of Bambara Groundnut Starch-Soluble Dietary Fibre Nanocomposite Stabilised Emulsion Yvonne Maphosa, Ikhu-Omoregbe Daniel, Victoria Jideani
Poster Board Number Abstract No Title Authors
Rise Of the Consumers
P104 42 Consumer Perceptions on Game Meat Consumption in The Eastern Cape Province Asiphe Hobe
P105 36 Health-Conscious Consumers’ Perspectives on Functional Foods: Do They Know Enough? Avilasha Ramdut, Elizabeth Kempen
P106 4 Consumer Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Chevon and Chevon-Derived Products in South Africa Ishmael Festus Jaja, Irene Rumbidzai Mazhangara, Eliton Chivandi
P107 3 Consumer Preference for Chevon Sausage in Blind and Non-Blind Sensory Evaluations: A Comparative Study Ishmael Festus Jaja, Irene Rumbidzai Mazhangara, Eliton Chivandi
P108 40 Gauteng Consumers’ Perceptions of The Quality of Food Safety In QSR Lesego Marule, Gerrie Du Rand, Nadene Marx-Pienaar
P109 196 Extraction optimization for mucilage from okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) crop by response surface methodology (RSM) Nelly Nkosi
P110 200 The Development of Innovative Culinary Dishes Using Cowpea (Vigna inguiculata) As the Star Ingredient Oratile Sehoole, Henriette de Kock
P111 78 South African Consumers’ Attitudes; Sensory and Nutritional Analysis of Novel Nixtamalized Maize Products Sandile Moagi, Carina Bothma, Alba Du Toit
Poster Board Number Abstract No Title Authors
Smarter Food Systems
P112 160 The Effects of Stearic Acid and Cowpea Protein Isolate Addition on Ternary Complex Formation in Normal and High Amylose Maize Starch Afees Oduola, Naushad Emmambux
P113 56 Nixtamalization: A Process to Transform Maize in Africa Alba Du Toit, Sisipho Rebe, Onele Mpemba, Carina Bothma
P114 122 The Effect of Sodium Reduction and Replacement by Potassium Chloride on The Sensory Quality and The Survival of Escherichia Coli ATCC 8739TM And Staphylococcus Aureus ATCC 25923TM In Feta Cheese Anzelle Dalboc, Nika Senekal, Carina Bothma, Eileen Roodt, Arno Hugo, Celia Hugo
P115 37 The Effect of Cooking on The Sensory Properties of Portulacaria Afra Samples by Using the Check-All- That-Apply (CATA) Test Ayanda Zulu, Alba Du Toit, Jana Vermaas, Maryna De Wit, Carina Bothma
P116 60 The Effect of Cooking on The Sensory Properties of Portulacaria Afra Samples by Using the Check-All-That-Apply (CATA) Test Alba Du Toit, Rozanne Macdonald, Carina Bothma, Maryna De Wit, Ayanda Zulu
P117 93 The Effect of Salt Reduction and Salt Replacer Combinations on The Chemical, Microbial and Sensory Quality of Dry Sausage Rita Opperman, Celia Hugo, Arno Hugo, Carina Bothma, Mac Donald Cluff, Eileen Roodt, Barbara Van Wyngaard
P118 194 Enzyme-Treated Fibre Enhances Expansion of Extruded Sorghum Snacks Charles Antwi, Naushad Emmambux, Natalia Rosa-Sibakov
P119 207 Developing A Decision Tree for Consumer Driven Sweet Potato Breeding Using Quantitative Descriptive Analysis and Consumer Testing Mariam Nakitto, Dekock Henriette
P120 71 Physicochemical Properties of Beta-Cyclodextrin Assisted Extracts of Green Rooibos (Aspalathus Linearis) Lusani Vhangani, Letlohonolo Mogashoa, Jessy Van Wyk
P121 73 Storage Stability of Lactic Acid Bacteria Preserved with Coconut Powder as A Drying Carrier Medium Nontobeko Zulu, Eugenie Kayitesi, Bhekisisa Dlamini
P122 217 Effect Of Adding Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder on The Nutritional, Microbiological Properties and Polyphenolic Compounds of Sorghum Based Mahewu Zwivhuya Mafukata, Shonisani Ramashia
Poster Board Number Abstract No Title Authors
Sustainability And Climate
P123 6 Effect Of Fermentation on The Quality of Canned Bambara Groundnuts (Vigna Subterranea (L.) Verdc) With Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce Bonervanch Shiburi, Belinda Meiring, Thiery Regnier
P124 46 Improved Chemical and Structural Properties of Black Soldier Fly Larva Protein Isolate Conjugated with Glucose Through Maillard Reaction Bongisiwe Zozo, Merrill Wicht, Vusi Mshayisa, Jessy Van Wyk
P125 244 Establishing An Innovative and Transnational Feed Production Approach for Reduced Climate Impact of The Aquaculture Sector and Future Food Supply Idan Chiyanzu, Keith Cowan, Hannington Odido, Daniel Pleissner, Janna Cropotova, Stephanie Schönfelder, Sissel Albrektsen, Sergiy Smetana, Kristine Kvangarsnes
P126 125 Preparation And Utilisation of Indigenous Fermented Non-Alcoholic Cereal Beverages Within Sub-Saharan African Communities Mmaphuti A Ratau, Shonisani E Ramashia, Oluwaseun P Bamidele, Victoria A Jideani
P127 154 Cocoa Alternatives in The Production of Chocolate Olawumi Adewumi, Jessy Van Wyk, Victoria Jideani
P128 232 Cultivated Meat – Addressing Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss Paul Bartels, Elize Venter, Duval Van Zijl
P129 209 What Volatile Compounds Contribute to The Flavour of Sorghum, Cassava and Cowpea Flatbreads? Rita Dankwa, Heikki Aisala, Eugenie Kayitesi, Henriette L de Kock
P130 43 Farmers’ Perceptions on Cattle Adaptation Strategies to Drought in Some Parts of Alice, Eastern Cape Province Siyasamkela Mbobo
P131 214 Sensory Evaluation Versus Microbial, Instrumental Texture and Colour Qualities in Chevon Value-Added Dried-Wors Thembelihle Buthelezi, Unathi Kolanisi
P132 65 The Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on The Protein Content and Functionality of Lyophilized Opuntia Ficus-Indica Mucilage Vuyelwa Nkoi, Maryna De Wit, Angeline Van Biljon, Johan Van Niekerk, Wilben Pretorius
P133 19 Metabolic Profiling of Biofortified Bambara Groundnut (Vigna Subterranea [L.]) Milk and Probiotic Beverage Powder Zolelwa Mogashoa, Professor A Victoria Jideani, Professor Oluwafemi Oguntibeju