Scott Drimie

Southern Africa Food Lab

Scott Drimie has over two decades of facilitation, research and teaching expertise related to food systems and food security. Taking a largely political economy lens, he focuses primarily on food systems including the web of actors, relationships, activities, and institutions that shape them.

Scott’s academic work pivots on his role as Professor (adjunct) in the Department of Global Health, Faculty of Health and Medicine Sciences at Stellenbosch University.

He has been part of the leadership collective of the Southern Africa Food Lab ( since 2013. This is a multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together stakeholders in the regional food system to identify and pilot innovative means to achieve long-term, sustainable food security. The Lab has successfully facilitated collaboration and dialogue, effectively catalysing action to foster innovations and experimental action.

Scott leads a research and facilitation consultancy focused on sustainable development with a particular emphasis on southern Africa. Working with associates, the company consults for various public and private sector organisations. Apart from experience across the African continent, Scott has worked on global issues for the Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Scott Drimie